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Leaky toilet.  Toilet repairs are one of the most common plumbing problems.  While the toilets themselves don't wear out, the working parts inside them can. Leaks are a common result, and one leaky toilet can waste around 78,000 gallons of water a year, enough to fill a backyard swimming pool!


Clogging shower, tub or bathroom sink drain.  Bathroom drains can quickly get clogged with hair and soap residue, which is not only a plumbing problem, but a messy one as well. Before you find yourself with a flooding backup, clear the way with a wet/dry vacuum, a handy trick of the trade that definitely beats time-consuming extraction with an auger.

Main shutoff valve.  Your home's plumbing system can have hundreds of different valves, but knowing the location of just one can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to a home. The main water valve controls the flow of all water into your home and must work properly to prevent disaster.

Old pipes.  Depending on the age of your home and the water lines running to it, pipes made from bygone materials can be major sources for clogs and leaks. Old terra cotta waste lines can become cracked and invaded by roots, and steel pipes are prone to internal rusting that can create quite a buildup, eventually bursting or reducing water pressure to unacceptable levels.

Water heater.  Water heaters have fairly long life expectancies (usually 15 to 20 years), but when one leaks, ruptures or otherwise breaks down, you can be in for a waterlogged disaster. Regularly check your water heater for signs of rusting or leakage at tank fittings, and if you spot potential trouble, call in a licensed plumber for a more thorough inspection to determine whether repair or replacement is in order.

Laundry connection.  Another important plumbing point that can be a potential problem is the set of rubber connection hoses on your washing machine, which can be a dangerously weak link in the system. These hoses can dry out, burst and allow thousands of gallons of water to rush into your home.

Outdoor faucets.  Keep an eye on outdoor faucets year-round to ensure they're not watering the property without your knowledge, and make repairs and replacements as needed.


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Backflow Testing and Prevention

Zubke Plumbing can help homeowners and property owners reduce the chances of problems and damage from water backflow in drain pipes. There are different types of systems that will vary depending on your plumbing system. Ask your Zubke contractor how you can avoid damage to your home and spending thousands of dollars on clean up.



Our technicians are experts when it comes to repairing faucets! Faucets are used everyday from washing our hands to taking showers so it's not unusal that a faucet will eventually start to lead or drip. Eventually the dripping will cause damage to sink bowls and bath tubs by staining them. If you have any faucet problems, give us a call and we will evaluate the problem and give you our professional recommendation.


Leaks Repaired

Leaky pipes, toilets and faucets can cost homeowners hundrends of dollars on their water bill as well as causing alot of water to be wasted. Leak detection is the process of finding a concealed water leak that could be coming from a pluming fixture, drain line or water pipe. What sets us apart from everyday plumbers is tools, equipment, training and experience to find the leak without tearing up your home.


Water Heaters

The expertise of our technicians will get your water heater installed without costing you thousands of dollars in hidden fees. With a new water heater installed, you could be saving money on energy costs since water heater's today offer more insulation. Give us a call and we will discuss the right size and type for your household.


Sump Pumps

We offer sump pump repair, maintenance and installation. Everybody likes fresh clean water but sometimes you have to make sure that you are also getting rid of unclean water. From preventing water from gathering in your basement to forcing away raw sewage, an appropriately rated and expertly installed sump pump can be a necessity. You can rely on Zubke Plumbing to help you with a level of service that is #1!


Commercial Plumbing

We work with property management companies and businesses diagnosing and fixing problems in a cost-effectively way. We are the trusted plumber for numerous homeowner associations in our area. Zubke Plumbing is dedicated to excellent services, fair pricing and professionalism at all times.


Residential Plumbing

Whether you're building a new structure or need reliable repairs, turn to Zubke Plumbing for all your residental plumbing needs. We explain all possible solutions fully to our customers. We know your time is valuable! We will get the job done quickly and efficiently.



Light Industrial Plumbing

Accurate troubleshooting and long term solutions are signs you have the right person for the job. Fixing a problem before you understand why it was a problem in the first place is just delaying the problem from happening again. With Zubke Plumbing you never have to worry about vague descriptions of the problems at hand or to be concerned of cutting corners. Zubke Plumbing is the solution to your plumbing problems. Contact us today to schedule your plumbing evaluation and inspection to see if your plumbing system could use a modernization to reduce costs to put more money in your pocket!


Drain Cleaning

Zubke Plumbing has the gear, expertise and quality plumbers to make drain cleaning a snap! Whether you've got a backed up tub or sink, or your business is losing customers because of odors emanating from a floor drain, trust Zubke Plumbing to take care of all your drain cleaning needs! We won't just clean and fix your problems, we will find out the source of the problem so it stops for the long term.


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